Man’s Best Friend??

Ok, so I’ve decided two things about our 2 year old Boxer, Bella. First, she is totally a mamma’s girl. I cannot go anywhere in the house without her on my heels. Its endearing, but some times a little much. Second, she is way more intuitive than I give her credit for. Ever since we started packing up our house for the big move to California, she has been whimpering and whining and so so mopey. She won’t come into a room if I am packing a box, she will stand at the doorway staring at me. She has also become very skiddish, but I think this is all because she knows that something is going on, something big. What I love about her mamma’s girl, intuitive personality is that she stays even closer by my side on weekends like this where Ry is away at “Man Camp”. God calls us out of lives fueled by fear and into His comfort and I’m pretty sure he created my beautiful little creature to be a tangible proof of that. I know she wants to protect me and can sense that I am a little uneasy alone. Perhaps its the part of my woman soul that longs for a different kind of little creature, but for now, Bella is my baby 🙂


3 responses to “Man’s Best Friend??

  1. Christopher.

    Ah, you Guards! Teaching me something new everyday. Tangible proof indeed. It was nice seeing you today. Im going to miss you guys a ton!

  2. Um… this was an amazing post!
    Well, except for ONE thing. It’s a little bit misleading.

    We both know that Bella loves daddy more. Your post seems to imply that you are her favorite. I’m the one who picks up her poops, feeds her, walks her, and gives her Snickers bars when you aren’t home.

  3. Katie Sterbenz

    Lindsay, how about you never leave? I’m sure seeing Ryan on weekends will be plenty sufficient, and paying for two mortgages….no biggie!

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