Long overdue

Wow….where do I even begin to update you on my life the past month?? First things first, I am an AUNT!! On Friday, June 13, 2008 my big sister gave birth to her baby boy, Eli Ryan Stumpf. I’m not sure I will be able to find the words to describe what this has done to me. I already have tears forming in my eyes as I think about this little person who stole all of our hearts before he was even the size of a pea. You see, this baby was prayed for and prayed for for over 2 years as Kari and Aaron waited patiently to become pregnant. The months of tearful phone calls from my sister began to wear me down as I took on her pain and burden. Now, 9 months after the call we had all been waiting for, we stare at this miracle and my heart feels like it could burst. I don’t know if I am just an overly emotional person or if its because there is just something special about sisters, but watching Kari become a mother has brought so much joy! I’m excited to see how Kari and Aaron grow together now as a little family with their son. Basically, what I am trying to say is Eli has already brought so much to our family and we are all absolutely nuts about him!! I can’t even imagine what its going to be like to love my own children 🙂


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