I know most people jump all over this thing as soon as something happens in their life. I prefer the procrastinator’s way of doing things…

Its been over a week now since we packed up our life in the desert and headed towards the Pacific oasis. It was quite the lonely drive as I followed Ryan and Bella (now known as Izzy) in the UHaul but I guess I couldn’t complain about “Felipe” in the new Mazda! We were greeted with a warm welcome and tons of Calvary people moving everything out of the huge truck and into our apartment in about 20 minutes! Some of our new students even decorated our door with posters representing California specific icons. I also got to attend Ryan’s first staff meeting where we were introduced to everyone. The staff is great and so so sweet. So far, our experience with Calvary and the people here has been refreshing. I love seeing Ryan just so excited about his job and role here and experience a kind of freedom that he so deserves. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us here because its evident that great things are happening and we’re honored to be a part of it all.

Here are some pictures of our first week in California:

P.S. Bella is now Izzy because we couldn’t keep her in our apartment so Eric, who works with Ryan, and his wife and two little girls adopted her from us. One of their girls’ name is Ella so this ended up being quite confusing for both dog and baby. We were super excited about this adoption as Izzy’s new family is so great and they have an awesome backyard for her to play in. We know they will take excellent care of her and love her as much as we do. I’m sure she will do the same for them 🙂 Plus, she is only a mile away and we get to see her whenever we want and they have built-in dog sitters!!

So, a lot has changed in my life this past month. I have become an aunt, said good-bye to my family and new nephew after only 2 days, packed up my 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house in AZ, said goodbye to friends and family there, traveled 7 hours to move our stuff into a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment, and say hello to new friends. Whew, who needs Disneyland when you can just live my rollercoaster of a life?!?! One thing remains the same though and that is that God is good and so much of this change is because of our obedience to Him. Like I said, we’re excited for this adventure and starting fresh with people we already love!


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  1. Mastering Divinity

    I prefer the procrastinator’s way of doing things as well; if for nothing else it gives you some distance through which to view what has happened. Which is why it’s rather interesting to read all your old posts and see where God has been leading you over the past few months.

    And I’m glad you and Ryan are both here.

  2. Mastering Divinity

    Oh, and this is Tom Bailor, by the way.

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