So today I have been indulging in my quarter-life crisis by spending hours online looking for that “perfect” fit of a job. My search has left me more confused and more convinced that I am going to end up like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation and be “holding out for a management position” when I have NO relevant experience with anything. All pity parties aside…I decided to turn on some inspirational music and take yet another spiritual gifts test only to find out that my number one gift is the same as it was back in 2001 and probably won’t ever change. Not that I want it to change, hospitality is a great gift, I’m just not sure how to turn it into a career. There is of course the hospitality field such as a hotel but that’s not really welcoming people into my home. (Lightbulb) Maybe I could open a hotel or b&b…if anyone would like to fund this please humor me with a comment. I think it could be cool, unlike my shameless attempt to just get someone other than my husband to comment on my blog.
Anyways…my mind immediately jumped to babies as that is the natural place in life I am currently a part of, but even more than that, I wanted to read about fostering/adopting. “Coincidentally” Ryan and I were both seperately thinking last week about adopting our first child and I have been thinking about it ever since. I jumped on a local website to read more about this and as I am reading about becoming a foster parent I hear a man’s voice come across the radio telling listeners to “go to for more information about becoming a foster family”. Lo and behold, that was the exact website I was on doing exactly what that man wanted me to do. Now, I know we as Christians have this uncanny capability of making everything a sign from God, even if there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the situation but come on…this totally weirded me out. I’m not sure if I’m convinced this was a sign but I’m starting to wonder if this idea Ryan and I came up with isn’t really just the doings of the One who tells us to “Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 82:3-4

P.S. I still need a job if I’m going to support all the babies I told Ryan to bring back with him from his trip to the Philippines. Any ideas?


6 responses to “Stretch?

  1. you’re the best blogger on the planet.

    if you love “bed and breakfast” stuff, I’d be happy to let you practice right here at home. So… tomorrow morning can I get some scrambled eggs, hash brows, one piece of white toast with raspberry preserves, some sliced pineapple, four pieces of bacon, some orange juice, coffee too, umm… can you also please bring my laptop into the room so I can check my Google Reader, and then bring in a good book, oh and my iPod, and if you could just cue it up to play something nice and easy that would be great, and… oh my teeth are gonna need to be brushed at some point.

    thanks babe 🙂 you’re the greatest!

  2. oh and I forgot, can you bring some cottage cheese in too? make sure it’s curdy, not clumpy or pasty. oh and with some pepper.

    oh and I guess Chipotle for lunch is fone

  3. I said I wanted someone OTHER than my husband to comment on my blog…I got kinda excited when I saw 2 comments. But I love you anyways. Oh, and clearly you’ve never been to a bed and breakfast. They don’t wait on you hand and foot…I’ll I’d do is provide shelter and food. Brush your own teeth!!

  4. b&b sounds like a great plan. us gniffkes are open to sampling your services, being the guinea pigs… eat some yummy breakfast, for free, have some turn down services. awesome!

    really, ive always wanted to start a b&b too, but 2 small problemo’s, no money and no cooking skills.

    hey chris and i would love to hang out with you guys sometime, maybe dinnner or breakfast…

    how are you guys settling in?

    ps ill keep my ears and eyes open to help find a job to meet the hospitality gifts of yours

  5. I think the B&B thing would be awesome, but I see it as somewhat of a conflict with your hubby’s current position. However, if you’re looking for one to purchase, there’s a little resort here on the Punta Banda beach in Mexico that always appears to be available. I’ve had many of my own thoughts of how I’d move away from it all and run this fabulous place when I pass it on my walks when we’re vacationing down here with the Yates family.

    On another and totally serious note, there are lots of Calvary connections at Olive Crest. Perhaps a job there would solve the employment issue along with any questions you have about foster parenting/adopting.

  6. dont get a job. just hang out with alyssa and i.

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