to cut or not to cut…

My hair is at the awkard “not long but not short” stage. Girls, you know what I’m talking about. So here it is, your chance to give some input.

To cut…

Or not to cut..

Any thoughts??


14 responses to “to cut or not to cut…

  1. well… I will be your friend either way… and I like it either way … but I think that you should go long because you have been short for a while. Hope that helps.

  2. never seen it long before, but i love the short. absolutely love it! i wish i could pull it off.

  3. hmm ok so far thats 2 votes (ryan said long too) for long and 1 for short…keep em coming!

  4. long, officially. or short.

    you’re hot.

  5. Kevin Eberhart

    either way i miss you πŸ™‚ theres no one that needs a kid to climb up on a ledge and pull down awkwardly dusty plants πŸ™‚ well get on ry about findin a time soon after september 14th when you 2 can come out here and old man can dunk me in some water for the glory of god πŸ™‚ and you can choose between stayin here at the eberhart residence or stayin in a room at the butts i mean buttes πŸ™‚

  6. your hair grows so fast and it’s simply beautiful either way! maybe you could go long for the “winter” and then cut it short when it starts to warm up again! πŸ™‚

  7. i like it short! but you will look GORGEOUS either way!

  8. dont cut!

  9. Melissa Brosch

    You are gorgeous no matter what….but I say let it grow. Its also cheaper…less hair cuts πŸ™‚ And I kinda just want to see it long.

  10. So I have decided to grow it out. I haven’t had it long in quite a while and plus….its really fun to have long hair and chop it off so I’ll probably be doing that next summer πŸ™‚ Melissa, who am I kidding…I didn’t really ever get hair cuts when I kept it short. That “every 6 weeks” crap has to be for the stylist’s bills and NOT the health of ones hair!

  11. Victor Estrada

    Hi Lindsay,
    This is Kim, Victor’s wife.. I havn’t met you guys in person yet but it’s been long over due for me to say welcome and we would love to have you guys come and hang out sometime so we can get to know you..

  12. whoops.. I hate when I forget to change the blogger i.d πŸ™‚

  13. ..can you believe that at my age, 51, I'm asking the same question? Should I cut my already too long hair? For you, it's a no brainer…do what your hub wants…cuz my hub is at that "we've been married 18 years & I love your hair any way you have it" stage. BTW, I met you at Albertsons a few weeks ago, I was with my son, Alex. Do you remember? I thought your hair was cute & looked perfect on your face…remember I said I'd heard you were a's on your hub's blog. ha! Anyways..we are blessed women who have many freedoms in the way we present ourselves…so many women in the world today do not have such freedoms. I pray you are doing well & enjoying getting to know all of us here @ Calvary…let us know what you decide…about the hair..:) β™₯

  14. Janice Hankins

    ok, I don't know why my comment (above) says 'anonymous.' I did not purposely choose that. I might need a class in blogging. sorry. β™₯
    Lβ™₯ve & Jβ™₯y….Janice Hankins

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