Does God forget?

I just need to take a moment to ask for prayer. For some reason lately I have been asked quite a few times what the deal is with our house in Phoenix. Here is the deal:


Now, I’m not saying that I doubt that God is involved with things such as real estate. But I will say that I am queen of comparing my situation with other people’s same situation and have started to feel like God has forgotten about us. We’ve had some friends in the same place as us…needing to move to answer God’s call but also needing to do the impossible and sell a house in Phoenix, Arizona. Each of them ended up with amazing offers which left them free from hassle and their credit intact. Not so much for us…

So here is what we need to happen. THE IMPOSSIBLE. We need the bank to actually accept one of the 2 offers on our house ASAP (they are busy dealing with forclosures). A bonus would be that our credit would be spared, or at least forgiveness in the future from a new lender of the unfortunate circumstances that caused this madness! AND, if you’re a super prayer, you can pray for the even MORE impossible that some crazy lunatic would want to buy our house for FULL price 🙂 I picture…big superhero, Christian investor man Haha

Regardless of what happens, I am absolutely confident that God has already used this situation to both teach Ryan and I about making such a big decision (such as buying a house) and also accountability and stewardship of His money.

On your marks…get set…pray!

P.S. Don’t google image search Christian Superhero…who would have thought that would bring up raunchy images???? Geesh.


One response to “Does God forget?

  1. can we get an update? sounds like an interesting situation.

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