Can God outdo himself??? You’ll never believe this!!

If you have not read my previous blog post…please do so before reading this one!

Ok, so last Wednesday I wrote about our housing situation and asked for prayer. Let me tell you, this was not an easy thing as it allowed the blogging world into some personal information about Ryan and I’s finances and mortgage decisions. Nonetheless, God has shown me that vulnerability and a little faith goes a long way. I left you with pleads to pray for the impossible. Well, Friday, only 2 days post prayer blog, our realtor called….


No stinkin way?!?!? I know, that’s what I said! AND, not only did Countrywide, er, Bank of America?? accept one of the offers but as long as we agree to pay a small small portion of our loan over the next 7 years at a modified 0% interest they will file the sale as “satisfied” and our credit will not be destroyed for the next 7 years as we expected!!!!

Umm….I think I could cry just typing this out. Wow…I’m still stunned with this whole thing. Isn’t it funny how we ask for prayer for something and then are surprised when God answers? Kinda sad actually. This answer to prayer becomes the second example of what God is teaching me in my life:

I have always loved the idea of God’s new mercies every morning. I’m pretty sure I’ve always liked that because at the end of most days…new mercies are exactly what I’m going to need to wake up to. Earlier this week I was extremely mean to my husband. I said very hurtful things that reflected what I know is not actually my heart, but rather the cleansing of a wound that I perhaps am not handling very well. We ended the night pretty quiet and contemplative on what was going on. I felt ashamed, he felt ashamed, we both felt scared. The next morning, he rolled over from snoozing his alarm and wrapped his arms around me. Grace… I felt wretched and he pulled me close. We didn’t even need to rehash what had happened, there was just an understanding that we were both forgiven and needed to move forward. Ryan became the incarnation of God’s new mercy. I believe God has taught me about grace through selling our house too. I thought it was about patience, but now I’m sure its grace. We don’t deserve to be treated so kindly by our lender. Although the reasons why we had to move were out of our control, they didn’t have to meet us where we were. We didn’t get off the hook completely, and I’m kind of thankful for that. I know God disciplines to teach and because every good parent must discipline at times. That just shows me the brilliance of our Lord even more.

Thank you Lord for taking care of us. I know you didn’t have to extend this amazing grace to us but you wanted to. You always want to. That is overwhelming to think about. Your grace is sufficient and your mercies never cease. I know you are teaching me this because you love me. I’m beginning to understand more what it means to be your child and depend on you and your provision. Thank you Lord for knowing me so well that you answered quickly ( I know, I know, we’ll get to that next). You are good either way. If our house had foreclosed and our credit damaged you would still be good. Thank you that you chose to do things a different way. Again, your grace…

So, thank you all for your prayers. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, the support we’ve received during this time has meant so much to Ryan and I. I hope this encourages and excites you like it has me!


6 responses to “Can God outdo himself??? You’ll never believe this!!

  1. Kevin and I will be found underneath the sink when someone moves in

    “We come with the house,” we’ll say

    Kevin will have a shirt that says “I’m good for reaching high places”

    and I’ll wear one that says “I’m good at getting in the way until you tell me to do something”


    I hope I see you guys really soon




  2. Nicole Gniffke


    seriously, God is amazing. thank you for sharing this miracle of God’s divine working. its a great reminder of His love.

  3. love this!! i’m smiling and hoping this brings REST to you.
    hey, can i suggest you and ryan collaborating on a little book project? haha…you’ve both got the gift! 🙂 miss you!

  4. Yeah! I miss you… let’s talk soon! Come visit!

  5. So happy to hear what God has done for you guys. This is amazing! I will continute to pray and see if he wants to do anything more for you both with big superhero, chrisitan investor man. Hee hee…

  6. very cool, Lindsay! Thank you for sharing. I needed an encouraging reminder tonight

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