Just some rambling and thoughts on today

So, I totally missed the live inauguration this morning. Who knew it was on so early?? Anyways, I have caught the tail end of celebrations and news coverage. There is one side who is celebrating a new president, rightfully so, but there is another side who can’t get over slamming former President George W. Bush.  I have heard remarks such as, “now we can finally all come together to make this nation better” and “it is now our civic duty to support our President and get behind  his efforts”. What urks me is that the people of this country let their differences and one man’s decisions get in the way of coming together in our own communities. Like George Bush was standing in the way of neighborly love and equal rights? I’m disappointed in how whiney our citizens were during his administration and how they couldn’t seem to move on and work together, even if it was inspite of the president. Now, all of  a sudden, because he is the first black president, our country’s problems are going to be solved and we will all be “united”. So we had to wait for someone like this to take office in order for us all to get along? It wasn’t our civic duty to support our last president? Obama isn’t a god, Bush wasn’t satan. Blah, just had to get that off my chest!  Anyways…

I’m looking forward to President Obama’s administration. I actually feel confident in Michelle Obama…she seems like a strong woman who won’t let her man make a stupid decision! (I’m sure Obama will have his fair share of those though) I appreciate the service Bush gave to our country. I pray that America can make a huge turnaround and that our leaders will “unite” instead of playing petty power games. What I really want to see is people coming together on the grassroots level though. Our President makes big decisions that direct our country and affect our daily lives, but its up to us to ensure that the people of this country continue loving each other and work from the bottom up to reallly lead us into a new future.


3 responses to “Just some rambling and thoughts on today

  1. I completely agree. It’s sad that people are so reactive rather than being proactive. I’m just glad that everyone, whether they’re a follower or a leader, is excited to action now. (phew!)

  2. Amen to that. Great post!

  3. Lindsay, will you please start blogging again? Thank you in advance 🙂

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