“Just another manic…..Friday??”

So, usually when Ryan is gone I have a hard time falling asleep.   Not necessarily because I’m scared (at least not anymore) but because he sleeps with a fan next to the bed every single night but when he isn’t there, I definitely don’t use the fan. This, in turn, means that I can hear every single noise in the neighborhood. I guess after 2 years of marriage I’ve grown accustom to having “white noise” to fall asleep to! Last night was different though, I had no problem falling asleep thanks to this new schedule of working 8-5 M-F…whats up with that?? 🙂 I think I may have slept TOO well though cause this was my morning…

I spontaneously waken myself, immediately grabbing my phone to check the time. 7:37?!?!?!?! Holy cow, I try to leave for work at 7:35!!  I don’t even remember my feet touching the ground as I run to the bathroom, clothes flying every which way. I immediately start a checklist of things to do and categorize them in order of importance! I just thank my sweet Jesus that its casual Friday and I don’t have to try as hard to look nice!! I throw on a pair of jeans that I luckily remembered to put in the dryer before I went to bed. Rummage through my closet for the most appropriate, lowest maintenance shirt and barely get it over my head as I’m running out the door to take Bella to go potty. Oh yes, I couldn’t just leave Bella alone all day without taking her out….a good 4 minute routine.

She is super confused by all the commotion and can’t be anywhere but right under my feet. I’m stumblnig down the stairs, toothbrush in tow, foaming at the mouth with Colgate. A quick thought of “dear god, don’t let any of my neighbors be outside right now” but at this point, I really didn’t care. Poor Bella has to potty under pressure, I spit and rinse in the bushes, no time to leash the dog just let her chase me up the stairs, knocking a nice fat cut on my lip from teh toothbrush on the way up!

I get back inside, run some mascara through my eyelashes, bronze my face a bit and go, only stopping to grab some Girl Scout cookies and a Diet Coke on my way for a nice balanced breakfast.   Luckily, Ryan and I switched cars for his trip so his keyless remote entry saves me a few seconds, however, the seat and mirror adjustment makes up for my “spare” time. And of course, wouldn’t you konw, the one time we switch cars he happens to have bad tires and warns me to “drive slowly and cautiously this weekend”. Yeah right! I’m tearing out of our complex like a bat outta hell!

I honestly don’t remember much of the drive to work except for the minivan mom who couldn’t get enough of her brakes this morning! I pull into the parking lot at work, check the time, and lo and behold its only 8:02!! Not bad for Pokey Little Puppy. The fun didn’t stop there though, I get to the desk only to realize that the teeny, tiny little key that opens the cabinet containing everything I need for work is on MY keyring….with Ryan….in Yucaipa. You’ve GOT to be kidding me!  Lucky for me, my supervisor has an extra key for me to use. as I’m fanning myself to ward off heatstroke and explaining my morning to her she smiles and replies, “Oh, as long as you’re here by 8:30 in the mornings, I have no problem with that”.




P.S. Sorry about all the typos, this computer at work is weird and some of the “widgets” on my WordPress dashboard are covering up half of the writing space so I can’t see what I’m writing!


3 responses to ““Just another manic…..Friday??”

  1. Allison Yates

    way to go! It happens to the best of us! glad you slept well…..I remember that when Todd and I were newly married….I didn’t sleep well either.

  2. blog more 🙂

  3. Taylor Martinez

    That was cute…and I’m kind of glad I don’t have a job yet =)

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