So its been a while….

Not much new here…oh except that big move we made back to Arizona! It has been almost two weeks now since we have been back and today I finally feel like the whirlwinds have calmed, at least for now. We’re finally “settled” into our room at Brian and Promise Wurzell’s house and are enjoying communal living 🙂 These two peeps are super fun and creative and I feel encouraged and challenged just being surrounded by so much energy! I am now facing the daunting task of finding a house and finding a job. Yuck! Didn’t I just do that?? We have an offer out on a house right now so we’re waiting to hear back and hoping and praying that God would hear our desires to use our home for serving and land us in the best place possible to do that. I am excited about all of it because I have never picked out my own house! When Ryan and I got married I moved into his house, so although that is where our first memories are, it never really felt like mine. All I keep dreaming about is making my home a place for people to use, escape to, visit, rest, play, mourn, etc. Not to mention my craving for a yellow guest room and orange kitchen 🙂


I’m excited about this new adventure back in Arizona. Its strange being back, but not really “back”, ya know? We are about 15 minutes from where we lived before our move to California so we’re close enough that we’ve plopped back down into our community of friends we had here, but we’re at a new church so there are still unfamiliar faces and things to learn. We could not be more excited about being a part of Mission Community Church (formerly Superstition Springs Community Church). We love the heartbeat of this place and the faith of the men and women leading it. I can’t wait to see how God is going to use Ryan in his new role as Student Ministries Pastor! I think this was what I was most excited for because I know that as Ryan’s wife, I get to see and hear a lot more of his heart than anyone else and his vision for what students can do for the sake of God’s Kingdom is inspiring! I know with confidence that Ryan was ready for this new role, not only because of the gifts he has but also because of his desire to learn and be taught and be stretched by God.  There is not much more satisfying as a wife than to see your husband being used to his full potential in the place God has called him to! Amen ladies?!

So, with this new adventure comes a renewed desire for me to write more. I want to be able to reflect out loud on my crazy life and what God is doing in it. No more pressure to have the “perfect” blog or most eloquent words, just real life thoughts. Stay tuned.


5 responses to “Whew

  1. Amen! Glad that you’re back in AZ!!!

  2. Can I have a man cave if you get a yellow room?

  3. YES! thank you for coming “back!”

    : )

  4. Love the yellow room!

  5. lindsayguard

    Umm..yes Ryan, you can have a man cave. As long as I get to decorate it 😉

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