Where were you?

I always thought it was pretty crazy that my parents could remember where they were when they heard the news that President Kennedy was shot. Now I understand…

Eight years ago, on the morning of September 11, 2001 I was a senior in high school sitting in Mr. Snouffer’s economics class. It was just any normal, beautiful fall day in little ol’ Westerville, Ohio. Middle America feels like just about the safest place in the country to grow up. I can’t remember how we got the news, perhaps someone came in the classroom to tell Mr. Snouffer but I remember his face and the confusion among my classmates when he told us that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center Towers in New York City. The words “Terrorist Attack” suddenly brought fear to even a Midwest suburban town. My next period in school was lunch so a group of friends and I headed to Randy Smithson’s house for lunch. I’m not sure anyone even took a bite of food as we watched in horror as black smoke and hot flames rushed out of this building towering over NYC’s skyline. Suddenly, a second plane came into view on the television and before any of us could even believe what we were about to see, the second WTC Tower was hit. For a second, I think most of us thought they were replaying some footage of the first plane…”was that a second attack?? ” Disbelief. Fear. Confusion. Sorrow. I don’t even remember the rest of the day. People in the hallways trying to recall if they knew anyone in New York, some panic stricken as they remembered having family members who were flying that day. My family hung out around the house that night and I only left to head to church with some friends to pray. I remember figuring out that the date that day was 9-11…that’s when I think it hit me that this was intentional pain, planned out wickedness. I was only a 3 month old Christian…and all I could do was fall on my knees in prayer.

Its still surreal to me that something like this happened in my lifetime…here, on our soil.  I know one day my children will ask me “Mom, do you remember where you were when the September 11th terrorist attacks happened?” I know I will be able to sit them down and journey through that day with them. I pray that in their lifetime, they’ll only have memories of peace.

Our economics class with the t-shirts we made to sell in the community

The t-shirts our econ class made to sell around Westerville to raise funds for 9-11 families

Where were you when the September 11th terrorist attacks happened?


One response to “Where were you?

  1. I was getting ready for school. I was actually in the shower when it happened, and I came out and saw the television on. It was after the second plane had hit and the tv was completely silent. I stood there in nothing but a towel for a minute just staring until I heard Matt Lauer’s voice and he said, “You’re looking at the World Trade Centers. Two planes have struck them only a few minutes ago” or something like that. I sat down and watched for another 10 minutes or so until I realized I was going to be late for school. When I arrived in my class, the tv was on there and everyone was watching the news report.

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