Conclusion jumper

So tonight when we got home from dinner after church there was a police car outside our house. My first conclusion was that they were back at our neighbor’s house who had previously been investigated for fraud when we first moved in. The police were actually there for us and proceeded to tell us that someone had called because our dogs were barking. My heart immediately sunk because we have always prided ourselves on having a dog that doesn’t bark (Bella). I was pretty frustrated that someone would call the cops without coming to us first…or at least leaving a note about the dogs. I also had a hard time believing that our dogs could make that much noise for such a long time that it would result in someone calling the cops. My second conclusion was me pointing my finger at the previously mentioned neighbor and guessing he was the perpetrator who made the call. I pouted for a while and even “Twitter vented”, as Ryan likes to call it.

About 20 minutes later, Ryan walks in from running to get more dog food and tells me that he got pulled over. Great! Just what I needed to hear! Turns out it was the same cop who came to tell us about our dogs. For some reason, he decided to tell Ryan that it WAS the neighbor I had suspected BUT he didn’t call to complain, he actually called and told the police that we’ve lived here for about 6 months and he has never heard our dogs so when he did hear them, he got concerned and came over to our house. No one answered, so out of concern he decided to call the police.

Wow…do I feel completely dumb. Here I am “frustrated” with my neighbor who I so arrogantly accused of one thing when, in fact, the whole situation came about because he was concerned for me and my family.

Lesson learned: Stop jumping to worst case scenario conclusions.

Thank you God for continuing to refine me. Thank you for neighbors who care and watch out for each other. Thank you for big grace.


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