Services at Mission were pretty remarkable today. We are taking a few weekends this month to highlight the things that Mission is about: Doing Justice. Loving Mercy. Walking Humbly. Today was Justice Sunday and we had the honor to hear from a rescued girl from our Fiji Homes of Hope and also Chief Theresa from the village in Malawi we partner with. They each shared their personal experiences and how the sacrifice of the people in our congregation have blessed them and their communities. What’s amazing is how much of a blessing they are to us. Hearing their stories and how the people in their villages live in their daily lives, I’m challenged to really take a look at my life and the responsibility I have to react. Chief Theresa explained to us that her people “live on less than a dollar a day. Americans should count themselves blessed to have been born in the United States and we shouldn’t take that for granted. The children in Malawi would rejoice over getting an empty plastic bottle…something I throw out every day”. She told us that we are “blessed to be a blessing”.

I can’t even comprehend what it must be like to grow up in Africa, with literally nothing or to be a young girl in Fiji, exploited and devalued. My perspective was shaken today as I process through my own pain and suffering. My suffering is very different from my brothers and sisters overseas. Not that my pain doesn’t matter, but my response to my circumstances should be that of Chief Theresa and the Malawi children. Praise! I have been learning this over the past few months but today it really affirmed the work God is doing in my heart. God is faithful and provides exactly what I need with Himself. He is ALL I need and He cares for me.

It’s easy to give God praise and thanks and count myself blessed when things are going well or working out how I want them to. It’s much more of a spiritually refining time when I can be in the midst of turmoil and still count myself just as blessed. It isn’t what God gives me or does for me that makes me blessed, it’s who He is and how He loves me. I pray that I never forget this valuable lesson. I pray I don’t set my heart on things to make me full, but that I set my eyes on Jesus. I don’t want the “easy life”. I’m not interested in ordinary and predictable. I want to be in God’s will and nowhere else.


3 responses to “Justice.

  1. “I pray I don’t set my heart on things to make me full, but that I set my eyes on Jesus.”


    Thank you for writing & sharing, Linds.
    Such a great challenge and encouragement.

  2. Um, you’re pretty awesome 🙂
    Love being here with you.

  3. Somehow, I came upon your website and read what you’ve wrote. An incredible journey. I’m a single dad with a 16 year old daughter that is doing extremely well in all aspects of life, but I want her to do and get better. No religion here please. I suspect you’re Mormon, we’re Catholic. We’ll not change. Take care otherwise.

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