Because She Chose Life…

Because She Chose Life … by Jim Daly

Because she chose life…Steve Jobs was given an opportunity to transform the world of personal computing.

Because she chose life…Leo Tolstoy gave the world War and Peace and Anna Karenina.

Because she chose life…Gerald Ford helped guide the nation through political chaos and trauma.

Because she chose life…Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas used a portion of his fortune to help other families realize their dreams of adopting children.

Because she chose life…Faith Hill shared her soaring voice that has inspired many to look up and outside of themselves.

Because she chose life…Edgar Allan Poe inspired a generation of writers to make a living doing what they loved best.

Because she chose life…Nelson Mandela made major strides toward racial reconciliation in South Africa.

Because she chose life…Nancy Reagan helped influence the future 40th president of the United States.

Because she chose life…James Michener’s pen painted pictures of the world in words.

Because she chose life, Art Linkletter helped remind us that little kids say the funniest things.

All of these individuals were adopted – but only because their birthmothers first chose to give them a chance at life. And because their birthmothers chose to carry them to term, the world was blessed by their respective lives.

Because she chose life, I have a beautiful son named Griffin Isaac who brings my heart more delight than I could have ever imagined.

We love you, Erin. Thank you will never suffice.


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