Excuse me while I dust off lindsayguard.com…

Let’s not talk about how I’ve neglected my personal blog because I already feel guilty enough having not written on the boys’ blogs since, oh, MAY. (Love you little dudes, but you keep me crazy busy!)

Anywho, I remember writing my New Year’s resolution last year with all this deep, spiritual inspiration. I had high hopes that I’d come out of 2012 full of life-changing joy and oober-disciplined (insert under your breath snickers here). Last year’s resolution was a huge flop. So maybe I did become a little more organized, but I don’t know if that was more from discipline or just being annoyed at the piles of crap. This year, I decided I wasn’t going to have a New Year’s resolution…but then I got one.

Less crap.

Yep, that’s my resolution. Take that however you’d like, but to me, it has many implications. This is the year of cleaning out, minimizing, and saying “good bye” to excess. I want less so I can have more. Less stuff to clean up, more time to play. Less drama, more laughter. Less junk food, more whole foods. Less consuming, more giving. Less anxiety, more freedom.

I know this probably sounds pretty floppable (floppable?), eh, but I think so many of these things are interwoven that they won’t be able to help but lead right into one another. So I’m starting in the most practical way I know how…with all the “stuff”.

Yesterday, I set out to take advantage of the beautiful 75 degree January afternoon by getting to work on cleaning and organizing our garage. This is where it’s going to begin. In one corner, I have a heap of stuff I’ll be selling in a garage sale this spring. All the shelves are orderly, each thing in it’s place, labeled for easy access. Anything not worth selling or keeping got tossed. If I didn’t use it in 2012, it’s not going to see 2013. No more holding on to things “just in case”. I don’t know why I feel better with an organized garage but I think it will help as I go through the rest of the house. Hear this though, it will NOT become the “catch all” like it has in the past. No, this summer, we will park both cars in the garage!

Ok, I’m tired and the baby is stirring (why won’t he sleeeeeeeeep?!?). So operation LC begins…now!

Good night!


2 responses to “2013

  1. Andrea Farrell

    Lindsay!!!!!! I saw your info in the VT magazine. It’s Andrea & Mike- how on earth do we get back in tough with our favorite parrot head? And a fabulous congratulations!!!

  2. Andrea Farrell

    I realized I may have the wrong Lindsay Guard; I sincerely apologize if so, but I still wanted to congratulate you on your blessings!

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